Are you on the Social Media bandwagon?

If not, you need to seriously consider jumping on it in the near future! Businesses both big and small have been using Social Media channels for a number of years now to connect with their customers/clients/fans and if you’re missing that opportunity, your competitors might well be taking your potential leads.

There are generally three key objectives businesses are trying to achieve in their social media usage – raising brand awareness, increasing loyalty and/or increasing sales. In order to ensure success in your channels, you need to create and implement a social media strategy.

A few things you need to consider when creating your strategy.

  1. Set 2-3 clear objectives that align with your overall business goals and strategies.
  2. Research which channels suit your needs (there are thousands of channels all with differing functions).
  3. Use analytics and metrics to measure results and use the most successful channel.

So, you’ve created your strategy and you’re either already on the bandwagon or about to jump on, don’t forget these three important elements – engagement, quality content and consistency.