All About Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is known by many different names such as a Virtual Service Provider, Virtual PA, Virtual Business Manager and Virtual Business Support to name a few but whilst the title varies, the role is essentially the same – to provide professional business support to their clients.  There are a wide variety of services offered by each virtual contractor such as office support and administrative tasks, social media and marketing, website design and management, event management, copyrighting and proofreading, transcription and other specialist areas.

A professional VA is a highly skilled contractor and business owner remotely working with clients either on an ongoing basis or for one-off tasks.  They work with clients building relationships, gaining an understanding of their business and providing continuity and efficient support that adapts to their needs.

The major benefit of working with a Virtual Assistant is that they save you TIME.  By outsourcing the business support needs and tasks that don’t require your attention, you can free up valuable time for you to get back to what you do best.  Clients can also benefit  from using a VA because there are no employee related expenses, no hidden costs for office space, equipment or supplies, and no need to pay for holidays or sick leave – you only pay for the time a VA spends working for you! You also save the additional expense of training staff, hiring a temp, and the overheads associated with recruiting.

A VA works remotely utilising a number of technologies such as email, phone, Skype, social media, file sharing such as Dropbox, online project management tools and fax to deliver all services and communicate with clients.  

Could a VA help you find more time in the day and let you get on with growing your business?