Hi I’m Lyndal Harris, and I am passionate about making life easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners.Lyndal Harris

I started Direct VA in 2011 and have absolutely loved the journey of being a business owner since the beginning! Being helpful to others is a quality that comes naturally to me. So becoming a Virtual Assistant was the perfect path combining my 20 years’ experience in project management, training and administration roles with my desire to help people. I love that feeling when I’ve made a difference in a client’s life by helping them outsource the tasks that they just shouldn’t be doing.

I specialise in helping clients implement their content marketing. I understand that blogging, email marketing and social media are often neglected when we get busy running our business. And besides the planning and the posting, it takes quite a lot of time keeping up with never-ending changes across the various platforms. I also really enjoy setting up and integrating cloud-based software to streamline processes. Implementing a number of different programs into my business has made my life easier so I like identifying where it can help my clients as well.

When I take off my Direct VA hat, I’m a mum of 2 awesome kids that keep me on my toes. In fact, they were my inspiration and motivation for starting Direct VA. So I understand first-hand the juggle of family life and running a business…and chasing that elusive dream of work/life balance…if such a thing exists when owning a business!

Honesty, integrity and kindness are just a few of my core values and they are super important to me in both my personal life and with all of my business interactions as well. If these qualities ring true with you, then we may well be a great fit and have an awesome partnership as we help each other’s businesses grow.

If you would like to find out how I can help make your life easier, please contact me to discuss how outsourcing can save YOU time, money and stress.